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The Kefi Lifer

Earn Kefi Kreds + turn them into delish rewards

  1. Become a Kefi Lifer

    • Earn 250 Kefi Kreds just for signing up! Get started + start enjoying our delicious perks.

  2. Earn Points

    • When you Purchase a Gift Basket

      Get 1 Kefi Kreds for every CA$1 spent

    • When you Book a Cooking Class

      Get 250 Kefi Kreds

    • Sign up to the site

      Get 250 Kefi Kreds

  3. Redeem Rewards

    • Basket Bargain

      500 Kefi Kreds = CA$5 off for "Gourmet Greek Gift Baskets"

    • Session Saver

      500 Kefi Kreds = CA$2 off for "Let's Cook Greek!"

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