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About Us

To us, Greek Food is inspirational, nostalgic, oh and delicious!

We at Kefi Life continue to offer authentic Greek Food Experiences with one main goal:

Connect the global community through Food, one of our great connecting forces! 

The Backstory

In theory, Kefi Life - Greek Food Experiences, was born in 2017. But in actuality, it was established in the late 70s when I was a young sous chef, crumbling Feta in my Grandma's kitchen in a small village in Rhodes, Greece. 


I remember running into the kitchen as soon as I smelled food being prepped and cooked, hop on the step-stool, and with eyes wide open, watch both my Grandma and Mom cooking together - everything from fresh Pita Bread, and Greek Village Salads to Moussaka. 


Fast forward to 2017. still passionate about Greek food, I began hosting Greek Food Tours in Toronto, and in April 2020, Kefi Life - Greek Food Experiences was created as a way to deliver savoury, sweet, authentic Greek products to your home, in the form of delicious Greek Food Gift Baskets and Online Greek Cooking Classes. 

We're always evolving, but our core belief will always remain the same - deliver exceptional (and delicious) Greek-inspired culinary experiences, worldwide!

Meet The Team

So...What does 



Kefi is a Greek word beyond translation, but loosely defined as a joyous, passionate spirit, a feeling of utter content, a smile on your face you can’t explain, a raw appreciation for life happening around you!

Kefi is a perfect word that encapsulates, captures and reflects the Greek ethos, and way of life.
Outside Dinner
Summer Family Dinner
Gathering for the purpose of not only conversation and connection, but to feel the energy emanating from others, to feel as if you’re a part of something bigger, united in the human experience.

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