Greek Food Gift Baskets

Premium, delicious Greek goodies, perfect for every occasion. Delivered personally in the GTA, shipped internationally.

Greek Cooking Classes

Connect with family, friends, and even colleagues, worldwide! Book an Online Greek Cooking Class and learn how to make Greek Classics! 

Olive Board
Jim delivering Gift Basket

We curate Greek Food Gift Baskets

Hey all, I'm Jim. I believe strongly in what I do. It's a passion of providing exceptional customer service, uncompromising quality gift baskets, and engaging online cooking experiences. I take great pride in connecting families, friends, and colleagues through food!

Perfect for everything from birthdays to housewarmings, our authentic, crafted and curated gift baskets have brought some much desired joy and happiness locally, nationally, and internationally. Food is our passion, and we love delivering delicious!

The Gluten-Free Greek
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Local Delivery
Global Shipping

Each basket is curated, crafted, and delivered with care, personally delivered straight to yours and your recipients, everywhere in the Greater Toronto Area. 


We've shipped to Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Dallas to Boston, Miami and St. John's, Newfoundland. Please let us know where you'd like your Greek Food Gift Basket sent to!

Custom Wrapped Basket
The Savory Cretan Gift Bag

Pick your Packaging

You can get your Greek goodies delivered in a complimentary gift bag, or you can take it up a notch, and upgrade.

Choose from either a Collapsible Canvas Basket or a Wooden Charcuterie Board - or both! We can certainly include either/or to any Greek Food Gift Basket order. Just ask us, and we'll do our best to make it happen the way you envision it.

The Olive Branch Gift Bag

About those
Charcuterie Boards...

Did you know that my Partner, Brinela, custom creates each one from her shop...aka the garage? It's true!

A carpenter's daughter, Brinela is a skilled craftswoman who, like her Dad, believes that if you're going to do something, do it right from the start. Each piece is uniquely inspired, sanded, sealed and ready to be enjoyed, no matter your occasion.

The Gluten-Free Greek
Online Greek Cooking Classes

What's this about Online Greek Cooking Classes??!!

In 2017, I began hosting 2 Greektown Toronto Food Tours, and had the pleasure of hosting eager foodies from around the world. Then came Covid, and put an end to that.

So, I pivoted and decided that if I couldn't host Greek food lovers in person, I was determined to host them online, from the safety of everyone's home kitchen.

Since, I've hosted virtual family get-togethers, and birthday parties, to team-building events and fundraisers. When you book one of my Online Greek Cooking Classes, you're guaranteed a fun time, with the chance to learn how to make some of the most authentic, generational family recipes handed down from the Old Country.

Online Greek Cooking Classes

You got Gift Cards?

To reduce our carbon footprint, and avoid any more unnecessary plastic, we offer E-Gift Cards, starting at $25 CDN.

You guessed it - finally, a gift card that won't be forgotten, will surely be used, and one that spreads delicious. Give the gift of food to someone you love or to someone who really needs a lift. 


Our Realtor gave us these goodies as a house-warming gift.
We dug right in!

my Greek goodies!

My kids ate everything when I brought them in the house.

Jim's online cooking class helped us raise thousands for our fundraiser!


What does  


Zorba in a basket!
Kefi is tapping into your spirit, creating bliss, living life instead of just existing.

Thinking less, feeling more, K
efi is a nuanced word to express how you should be living your best life daily, including and especially when it comes to great food!
Kefi is a Greek word beyond translation, but loosely defined as a joyous, passionate spirit, a feeling of utter content, a smile on your face you can’t explain, a raw appreciation for life happening around you!

Kefi is a perfect word that encapsulates, captures and reflects the Greek ethos, and way of life.
Gluten Free Greek
Greek DNA is embedded with social interaction, including and especially doing most things in groups.

Kefi opens up and builds upon your appetite for human touch and togetherness, promotes a healthy release of inhibitions, and inspires whole-hearted joy.

Gathering for the purpose of not only conversation and connection, but to feel the energy emanating from others, to feel as if you’re a part of something bigger, united in the human experience.
Greek Cooking Classes
Hosting an Online Greek Cooking Class.png
Greeks don’t seek Kefi. They find it naturally in their day-to-day lives.

Having a coffee, meal or drinks with friends and family is often the easiest way to feel
Kefi build up inside, as it allows for a brief escape to life’s deadlines, and one’s own thoughts.

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